Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Death by Pollution

Coal burning power plants and factories poison the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the with significant corrosiveness. Brewed with smoke, a low lying acid cloud turns into a more potent killer called smog, that thick dirty fog that we breathe in the early mornings that sits usually where the human population is most dense.

Coal-burning also emits organic compounds which are known to cause cancer.
biggest waste product of coal-burning. Although it’s not considered toxic, it’s emission of 500 pounds a second has become a potential danger to the planet because it causes the green-house effect.

Coal-burning is also attributed to the so-called acid rain. It’s emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide integrates with the rain particles in clouds and drops down to earth

Coal combustion waste stored for many years in impoundment sites at power plants contains toxins such as arsenic, selenium, cadmium and chromium.
-Environmental Protection Agency-

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